Why are Christians always wanting to tell people about Jesus?

When I was younger, I thought that Christians were too heavy-handed about telling people about Jesus.  In fact, I thought they gave a bad name to the rest of the Christians! I puzzled as to why Christians couldn't just leave people alone about this.

I only figured this out in the past year.  To Christians, the news that Jesus has come to save us is simply good news! In an era of bad news, from violence to war to tsunamis, the Christians see the news of Jesus as good news.  They would tell friends, family and even strangers about other good news, so why not about Jesus?  Therefore a Christian who is enthusiastic about telling others about Jesus is about as unremarkable as a mailman who likes to be sure the mail gets delivered. I have to admit that it took reading the Bible for me to be able to 'see' this though.

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