Don't blame God for the sins of man

I have noticed that many people feel they are unable to believe in God when they live in a world where bad things happen.  (Here is a link to my other post: If God is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen?).  I've already covered the issue of a lot of the bad things there (comes down to us having Free Will and using it badly, e.g. murders, violence, etc). 

The bigger issue here is that people are blaming God for the sins of man!  I'm not denying that there are horrific things happening in the world.  Some people have seen and experienced things that no human being ever ought to.  By all means, blame man for the sins of man.... but don't blame God for the sins of man.  The blame doesn't lie there, no matter how much anyone might 'want' it to. 

An even bigger issue that I realized after reading the Bible, is that of arrogance and pride if we start blaming God for the sins of man.  Not only does this thought imply we want him to 'take away' our Free Will (which is a marvellous gift, when we think about it!), but it also implies that we want to 'run the universe' and do it 'better' than the one we are blaming.  Better than God?.... If you really think you could/would run the whole universe (past, present, future) better than God, then you are in severe spiritual danger.  Our tiny selves are simply not equipped for this.  There once was one archangel who wanted to run the universe himself....

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