Why Do People Blame God For All the Bad Things But Never Credit Him For the Good Things?

A lot of people have no problem accepting the credit themselves for good things happening (or just attributing it to 'good luck'), but the minute something bad happens, they blame God.  This is a bit like having your cake and eating it too.  In fact, some atheists use it as a (flawed) argument for why they don't believe God exists! According to the Bible, Satan also exists.  Wouldn't it be smarter and more accurate to blame Satan for the bad things and credit God for the good things? 

Our own free will is also a big part of the equation.  I have free will, therefore I could go out tomorrow and punch someone.  From the point of view of the person being punched, this would be a bad thing.  I would hope that this person would blame me and my choices for doing the punching, instead of God.  A lot of the question of bad things happening comes down to free will.  Yes, God could have created us to be machines incapable of making choices and understanding wrong from right.  But he didn't! So we need to understand that it's us, not God, doing bad things. I'm not sure why this concept puzzles so many people.

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