Just Because You Don't Believe it Doesn't Mean it's Not There

If I choose not to believe in God, would that make Him any less real? What if we asked the same about gravity?

The important thing is to seek the truth.  All too many people say they are busy seeking the truth, yet are blind to what is under their very eyes.  You won't necessarily find God merely by investigating the physical laws of the universe: this tells you a lot about the universe, but very little about whether there is a Creator.  You could, however, seek God by asking Him if He is there - and then listening.  Surprisingly, many unbelievers have never actually tried the asking, and even fewer of those try the listening.

If you are really truly a seeker of the truth, why not try talking to God?  If there is no God then truly you have nothing to lose (except a few minutes in the privacy of your own home or other area).  If there is a God, then you have everything to gain - everything.  You will not lose a thing if there is no God.  But if there is a God, and you do not believe, you may lose everything.

God wants us to have faith - believing without seeing.  So He will not reveal Himself easily to us, however much we may want him to (see my other post about why that is so).  But if you are genuinely seeking, you will find Him.  The sign may not be what you expect, and it may not be delivered in a way you expected.  It may very well be delivered with humor, for example.  If you keep your eyes and ears open, He will not hide.  He is not in the business of playing hide-and-seek.  But you may be.

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