God makes the impossible become possible

Have you ever tried to do some good work (e.g. volunteer work) that seemed really hard to you, and that you didn't really like? I've done that a lot.  I have also done some volunteer work that seemed surprisingly easy and fun, and was a joy to do, not a burden.

What is the difference? Well, some of the difference is the work itself, for sure.  If you have a natural interest in the work then it will obviously seem easier and more fun to you.

But the bigger reason is God.  God makes the impossible become possible.  He makes difficult work become easy.  When this happens (you find yourself doing something which you really enjoy while you're doing it) then you know this is God acting in your life.

If you do not have the skill for something, yet feel called to do it, God will give you what is needed.  In fact, I believe that even if God were not willing for my own sake to equip me with what I need (and I think actually he would do this for our own sake) but even if He didn't, He would still equip me for the sake of the people I am serving.

God really does make the seemingly impossible become possible.

A year or two ago I would have never given up an hour of my sleep at 4am to pray, or at least not without considering it a great sacrifice.  But at Easter I did it gladly (read my post about it), and this was God working in me.  Praying and reading the Bible has really changed me and has made it easier for me to do things that will please God.  It's not such an uphill struggle anymore.  This is why I really do think that God makes the impossible become possible.

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