Sending your message

If we want to send a message in its most virtual form, then email (or text message, etc etc) is the mode of communication we would choose.

Moving up one level into the 'real world' setting, we would write a notecard or talk to the person face to face.

Moving up one more level into the even more concrete realm, we would pray.

These three modes of communication are shown from most virtual to most real.  Before reading the Bible, I would have put the prayer as being the most virtual.  Now, I really do know that prayer is the most real of these three methods of communication.  Why? Because it lets us touch heaven.  Remember, the spiritual world is not ephemeral. It is actually more concrete than the physical world.  We ourselves are not able to detect it so easily and directly as we can the physical world, but that does not mean the spiritual world is less concrete.

Besides being more real and more concrete, the spiritual universe surrounds our universe (you can read my other post about that).  Just like the movie "The Matrix" which showed an ephemeral universe within a much larger Universe, Earth and outer space are really a universe within a Universe too.  We are merely a small part of a much larger place. When we pray, we reach out and touch that outer Universe.  That's really pretty amazing, when you think about it.

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