The same sky that Adam saw

These days so much has changed since the days of Adam and Eve. To them, today's life and culture would be almost unrecognizable. About the only thing that has not changed since then is nature (in the post-fall period). The sky, mountains, valleys, trees, oceans and seas would be similar.

Of course, huge amounts of time has gone by since then, including events like seismic shifts, so the landscape won't be the same. Still though, whenever I see tree leaves against sky, I remind myself that at least this is the same type of thing as what Adam saw.

This is one way I have that helps remind me that the Bible is truly relevant to us. We are all human just as Adam and Eve were, and although culture and technology has changed, we are still on the same planet.

Another way that makes me feel linked to Adam and Eve is whenever I work in the garden. Planting seeds always reminds me that this is the way things have worked since the days of Adam.

God has given us a wonderful environment to live in that is well suited for the needs of humans (even in a post-fall existence), and that fact has not changed since the beginning. Still, this is not to mistakenly focus on this world alone - our true home is in heaven. Earth is just a training ground, a way to first get to know God.

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