Ver's top 7 list of BAD reasons for rejecting Christianity in favor of atheism

Here is my top 7 list of BAD reasons I've come across over the years for not believing. I'm all for freedom of choice of anything (including religion), but I have yet to find any atheist arguments that do not fall into any of the following categories below:

'I'd believe in religion if God came down and said "Hey, I'm real"'. Hmmm. Jesus, as Son of God, did that about two thousand years ago. Not everyone believed him.

'I could believe in the Bible if it weren't for the Virgin Birth. That's just too much to take'. If we had a choice about how he got here, would you think it so much more natural for Jesus suddenly to pop into existence out of thin air as a fully grown man? It might be a more comfortable idea to some of us, but, as C.S. Lewis argues in his book Miracles, God planting the embryo in Mary's womb that was to become Jesus incarnate, is the most 'natural' way He could have got Jesus here in human form.

'I don't believe in God or Jesus, so they're not real'. Maybe so. But, if I choose not to believe in gravity, does that make it any the less real?

'There's not enough evidence that Jesus existed'. The Bible shows similar accounts of the teachings of Jesus from four different viewpoints (the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). The French philosopher, Jean Jaques Rousseau, stated: "The doings of Socrates, which no-one doubts, are less well attested than those of Jesus Christ" - Emile, or On Education (1762).

'Jesus was a just a good teacher'. He was either the Son of God (the Messiah), or he else preached heresy.

'If God is good and exists, why do bad things happen?' Great question, and nearly convincing. I'm devoting a whole post to this one. Short answer is, if you give everyone free will, someone will probably do something bad at some point.

'In the bible, event X happened, which just can't be true/wasn't exactly right/etc. Therefore the entire Bible is wrong and Jesus and God don't exist'. Again, a whole other post is devoted to this one. Short answer for now is, the Bible isn't absolutely literal in all places and doesn't need to be. It's a manual about God, Jesus and their covenants with us. It's not meant to be a precisely exact scientific document. For example, the phrase '40 days and 40 nights' was used to represent a long, but finite period of time.

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