Religion as a Crutch - Both Atheists and Christians Believe Each Other Guilty of This!

One thing which has become abundantly clear as I become open about my religion, is that some (but not all) atheists assume Christians use religion as a crutch (i.e. believers believe solely because of 'benefits' such as hope, a sense of comfort in times of crisis, etc.)  All I can say is, touche- ! - this is something I tended to believe of the atheists (that they were using religion as a crutch!)

I suspect that while in both camps religion may be used as a crutch, I don't believe this is going on to the high extent that people tend to think it is.  Speaking for myself, I am seeking the underlying truth to things rather than believing purely because it is comforting.  How funny though that the judgment I tended to pass on atheists has travelled back to me.  It really brings it home that it's not my place to judge, it's God's.  I think it is a common mistake for Christians to think that atheists use their atheism as a crutch (e.g. atheists feel they have 'permission' to carry out behaviours that are not in line with God's law, and this is why they are atheists).   However common this kind of judgment is, it's still not something we should be doing (I'm addressing myself first and foremost here). 

So, whether atheist or Christian (or any other religion for that matter), we should assume that people have some important reason for their particular belief (unless subsequent evidence clearly points otherwise), not just because it makes everyday life convenient.  This is because the issue of motives is one that (at least from a Christian viewpoint) is ultimately between that person and God, not between two people.  I'm all for promoting healthy debate and discussion about religion - I'm just saying we shouldn't bring the level of it down by assuming the other person has baser motives than our own.  Neither the atheists nor the Christians want that! (finally - something we can agree on?!)

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