Can You Simultaneously be a Christian and Another Religion?

No, it is not possible to simultaneously be a Christian while following a different religion.  Why? Because Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God.  Other religions, even the Abrahamic faiths (Muslim and Jewish) who recognize Jesus existed as a person, do not believe he is the Son of God.  Since this is one of the tenets on which Christianity depends, it is impossible to reconcile these viewpoints. 

If someone claims to believe another religion at the same time as Christianity, he or she cannot have truly examined the beliefs of Christianity.  However, we can still be respectful of other religions without believing in them.  So for example, a Christian may quite well respect their Hindu friends' beliefs, but that is not the same thing as believing in Hinduism.

If we say we are Christian, we should make sure our beliefs match this.  For example, no-one who claims to be of the Christian religion should ever say 'Jesus was just a good person and a good teacher but nothing more'. Someone who says this is reflecting beliefs of a different religion (the example shown here would be more consistent with Muslim or Jewish faiths). 

Do YOU know what Christianity is about? Or is it time to read the Bible more seriously to find out?

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