Doing What God Wants

Imagine if Noah hadn't bothered to listen to what God wanted.  Instead of building an ark (which admittedly would have sounded like a crazy idea to most people at that time - or even today!), suppose Noah had decided to do 'something good'.  For example, started a soup kitchen for the poor.  Or countless other possibilities, all of which were very helpful at that moment but wouldn't be of any use to anyone once the flood came.  Noah clearly listened to God's wishes and spent his time on that project, even if this meant that he would be ridiculed by his neighbors. 

So it's equally important that we a) determine what it is that God is asking of us and b) listen to him and follow through on that task, even if we don't understand or see the eventual outcome of the work.

With so many 'generically helpful' things out there to do, it is important to ensure that we are doing is part of God's appointed task for us.  I'm not suggesting we give up on doing 'good things' or turn down requests for help, I'm suggesting we carve out time to do the kind of work that God wants for us first and foremost and take it from there.  He has different callings for each of us. 

Don't give up on a project that God has asked you to do because you've got too many 'existing projects'.  If you feel like you're in that situation, try to drop the existing projects instead.  Imagine the very different outcome at flood time if Noah had said 'Sorry God, I can't build the ark because I'm just too busy setting up my soup kitchen for the poor!'  Doing good things is far better than doing nothing at all, but doing the good thing that God wants you to do is better than just doing 'good things' in general.

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