Don't Put Your Trust in Human Leaders

After having read the Bible, it became clear that humans are so, well... human! We are all sinners.  This is why I am constantly surprised at people who give the appearance of believing that the political party they follow has all the correct policies and a spotless character, while the opposition is evil and corrupt and must be avoided at all costs - this point of view is almost hilarious in a modern-day democracy!

After reading the Bible, I had even less understanding of how anyone could hold this point of view.  I suspect that all the political parties in most modern democracies are somewhere between spotless and pure evil.... like us humans! I find it virtually impossible to get passionate about any human leader.  Why? They are imperfect beings, like me.  Of course, it's important to take our civic responsibilities seriously such as voting in elections.  But after making what you believe is the best decision for your country, why get all fired up about it? 

I have come to the conclusion that the only person who walked the earth I'd ever want to follow is Jesus Christ. Compared to Him, all others are mere ephemeral humans just like myself.  In fact, knowing my own character, I wouldn't want to follow me, so why follow them?

This is not to say we should view each other with paranoia, distrust and suspicion.  Nor are the imperfect natures of humans a blanket excuse for leaders to engage in harmful or corrupt practices (whether political, church, social, business or academic leaders) . Simply, we should recognize that all our human leaders are as imperfect as ourselves.  If in doubt of this, consider the fact that in some Western democracies, there are a higher proportion of convicted criminals governing or making the laws than there are in the general population!

Again, anarchy is not the answer; civic responsibilities are real responsibilities we should keep.  I am simply saying that all political parties are necessarily limited by the imperfect sinful nature of humans.  Furthermore, (at least in modern-day deomocracies) political leaders appear much of the same as each other after you look at them: mere insubstantial shadows when then compared with the perfection of Jesus Christ.

Then Jesus said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”
And they were amazed at him.
Mark 12:17

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