God, string theory, and fashion

Many people accept the idea of string theory as at least a valid possibility.  However, some of this same set of people will reject God out of hand.  This seems somewhat hypocritical to me, since often the reasons given for rejecting God are things such as the inability to detect Him with our instruments, and the lack of direct proof.  These very issues also apply to string theory, which many people have no problem accepting.

Fashion is another area which is difficult to 'prove'.  How can you easily say something is, or is not, in fashion? Yes, you could look at what different people are wearing, and try to create some sort of rule.  But you could easily get it wrong, especially if you were looking at certain sub-groups instead of the population as a whole.  However, fashion clearly exists.  Yet the ability to prove something is, or is not, fashionable is quite a difficult problem.  This does not mean that fashion is non-existent.

If we are truly searching for the truth as to whether or not there is a God, we must understand that there is an underlying reality no matter what.  God's existence does not depend on whether or not we believe in Him -  He either exists, or He does not.  Our inability to detect certain things does not in any way make them any less real.  For a long time, the existence of the atom was unknown.  Yet atoms clearly existed all this time, despite our inability to prove or disprove their existence.

Do not be quick to reject God's existence due to a lack of proof, or you may miss the truth.  Instead, try talking with Him, and listening.  You might be surprised.

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