Humans are a very unique species on Earth because we dare to....

... fight on God and Jesus's side against evil.

Humanity has fallen via Adam and Eve.  But despite being in our fallen state, we dare to fight spiritually on the side of God and Jesus.  In a sense, we are a very unique species in our sheer daring.  Make no mistake: this is no airy-fairy theoretical battle.  This is a real fight, and the biggest most significant fight that we can fight, with huge ramifications.  Entire souls hang in the balance.  All other fights on our planet involve merely our corporeal bodies: the ephemeral.  In this fight, the long-lasting - the eternal - is fought over.  God and Jesus and his messengers (angels) and human Christians are on one side, and Satan and his minions on the other.

A huge battle is going on between God and Satan on this Earth, this enemy-occupied territory.  (See my separate post on why God doesn't just kill Satan and be done with it).  Every time we resist temptation, every time we lead someone to Christ, we are fighting in that battle on God's side.  Make no mistake - these actions affect the eternal, not the corporeal. We dare to fight against evil, here and now, in this enemy-occupied territory of Earth.

The spiritual warfare of humans is, in a sense, an unusual property.  Of course, we don't know what arrangements, if any, God has made with other species - whether on Earth or elsewhere. It remains theoretically possible that there may be other species fighting on exactly the same side - but if so we do not have sufficient communications with them for us to know of this.  (The obvious exception being God's angels who we know are already fighting on His side).

I suppose in one sense we should not be too surprised by our human willingness to engage in spiritual warfare.  If we really, truly, realize and believe exactly what Jesus did for us, THEN we cannot help but want to fight against evil.

Still, the fact is that we dare to do so.  Christians actively engage in this, but all of humanity is perfectly capable of fighting on the side of God and Jesus IF they were to believe.

An entity who had observed all of this unfolding for millennia might wonder why God ever made these funny little things known as humans, especially as they were so easy to tempt away from God (see Adam and Eve, as well as all the rest of us).  And this entity might wonder even more why these funny little weak humans even dare to stand up at all on the side of God, instead of just sitting back and letting God 'clean up the mess.'  I have wondered the same thing myself sometimes.

However if we sat back, people would be lost.  Think about the parable of the lost sheep, or the lost coin. We know that this finding of the lost pleases Heaven ever so much more than thousands who were never in danger of straying.  Salvation for all of humanity is a goal that is clearly wanted by God, and for no other reason than to please him, we should want that same goal too.  And after all, on a more personal level, if we have salvation ourselves, it is not remarkable that we would want others to have it too.  We are all sinners and we are all in need of salvation.  So perhaps this is why we fight spiritually for God's side.

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