Why we should still pray no matter how busy things are

Sometimes it feels like there just isn't time to pray! I used to think things like "I'll pray when I get time, when it gets less busy." I know now that this sort of thinking is a sign that my priorities are not right.

I need to be praying in the midst of everything. I don't mean we should all drop everything for days and do nothing but pray. What I'm saying is that we should still talk with God at some point(s) every day, no matter how busy we are. Why? For several reasons, but the foremost one is that God wants a relationship with us. We don't tell our spouse "Hey, I'm busy right now, but I'll talk with you again about a month from now when it gets less hectic." How ridiculous would that be?! We shouldn't be doing  that to God either. Furthermore, God doesn't do that us. He doesn't remove himself for months at a time because he's busy attending to other things. Yes life can feel like that to us at times, but he isn't removing himself from us. If at times we feel like God is more distant, then as the saying goes, guess who moved: it's not God.

God created us because he wants a relationship with us; he loves us. As strange as it may seem - and we are strange creatures - he loves us like a father loves a son or daughter. And he is a better father than even the best earthly father can ever be. So, we should pray, not just out of a sense of 'duty' but just as we would enjoy talking with the loved ones around us, even during the busiest times of our lives.

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