Our leaders are imperfect. Even the best leader pales in comparison to Jesus.

Every election year, I notice that many people get very vocal for or against a particular candidate. But  we should never put all of our trust in human leaders. Even the best human leader is flawed and imperfect. Even the best candidate of the century pales in comparison to Jesus.

It's good to carry out our civic responsibilities: carefully considering the candidates and their policies, and picking which one we feel is best for the country at the time.  It is wonderful to live in a democracy where we have choices. At the same time, I find it hard to get passionately behind any candidate, because I have yet to find one that isn't flawed. I'm flawed too, an imperfect being, a sinner. We all are. It's part of being human. But just as I would not find myself worthy of leading a country, I find it hard to find anyone worthy of leading the country.

In the second coming of Christ, we can look forward to a new Heaven and a new Earth, with God and Jesus as our leaders. Now those are leaders we can get passionate about.

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