An open letter to atheist parents of young children

Even if you are not concerned about your own soul, what about your children's? Did you know that there is a huge battle going on, over your child's soul? I know that to you, it seems literally unbelievable.

But if you will, just for a second, pose the (admittedly scary) question "What if?"

Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it's not real. Imagine us trying to explain the existence of the atom to someone from the Middle Ages. We can understand why that person simply won't believe it, but the atom was still 100% real in the Middle Ages - regardless of whether the people of that time could a) detect it or b) believe in it.

Let's switch over a little. Have you ever watched the movie "The Matrix"? It is set in what seems to be a very real world, but in fact turns out to be a virtual world surrounded by an external, real, world.

Right now, the Earth, planets, galaxies and everything in it are like the inner world of The Matrix. Outside that is a more real, more solid world that is the spiritual world, where there is a huge ongoing battle over your souls.

Why are you and your children's souls being fought over, and why not your bodies, you may ask? It's because the soul lives forever; the body doesn't.  The soul is part of the spiritual dimension that is more real and solid than than this dimension, but that is difficult to detect. A little like atoms in this world - they're the absolute foundational building blocks of this world, but even so, they're hard to detect with our physical instruments. Even today, they can be detected more by inference than directly, and even then only by specialized scientific tools. Likewise, the spiritual dimension is difficult to detect, although it is just as real.

You might be wondering: if the spiritual dimension exists so solidly, why is it so hard to "move" in the spiritual dimension? (By "move" I mean do anything on a spiritual level from within this inner world). To paraphrase the reply in The Matrix when Neo asks why his arms and legs don't work easily in the real outer world dimension: "You've never used them before." It's true spiritually too - if you've not prayed or read the Bible or tried to truly seek God, you've never really tried to move in that dimension.

The reason this is so important is that it is now, in this world, that you need to know God and Jesus. If you arrive to them at the day of judgement and they do not already know you, it will truly be the worst thing that could happen to you. It would be beyond ghastly. I would not want that for you or your child. Find out why it's important to know God in this world now, and why he doesn't just kill Satan to abolish evil and temptation.

In response to the "What if?" question, why not just try? Pray. Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Do it with sincerity. He will undoubtedly not just materialize out of thin air and say "Hey, here I am!" (find out here why he doesn't reveal himself easily) but he will give you a sign, although it might be in a different way than you first expect. Read the Bible too, without pre-conceived notions (the latter is hard for any of us to do, even those of us who are already Christian).

It is natural to be hesitant and to have some fear (of ridicule by others, of the vastness of the consequences relating to the fate of your soul, and so on). But if you let those concerns stop you from thinking about God and praying, then you have fallen neatly into the trap of the enemy (Satan) who wants exactly that to happen. Fear and pride are Satan's strongest weapons. But God is stronger, and under whose influence would you like to be - God's, or Satan's? Because one of these will have some influence on you, even if you think not. Those who believe in God do not do so out of a sense of duty or a sense of obligation, but out of the conviction that it is really the truth: that there is a world out there that is eternal and is more significant than ours. And if that is so, how great the stakes must be.

Even if you are not worried for yourself, think of your child. There is infinitely more at stake than what you think. And you literally have nothing to lose: you are not in any danger of spiritual attack on you by Satan. Why? because by not believing, you could not possibly be placed in any greater spiritual danger than you already are.

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