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As the site has grown bigger, I've noticed it can be hard to find what you need. Some of my entries are of more interest to atheists or those who are questioning; while others are of interest to Christians. If you are Christian, then this page is for you.

Some of the questions which had been puzzling me during my ongoing journey as a Christian were:

1. Why are Christians always wanting to tell people about Jesus? This seemed heavy-handed and annoying to me initially, but find out why I changed my mind about this.

2. Why is there such a debate about Free Will? After reading the Bible with no pre-conceived notions, the first thing I found out was that we do have Free Will - find out about this here.

3. I've also discovered that the real Bible is immensely more "grown-up" than what we were told many years ago in Sunday School as children. What we learned in Sunday School is an incredibly simplified version, because we were too young to understand the grown-up version. It can be easy to get confused with the differences between Sunday School and the grown-up version of the Bible. What I discovered through this was the importance of reading the Bible oneself as an adult.

4. After reading the Bible through once, and then starting again the second time, this led me to pose the question: Does reading the Bible and praying have results? It definitely did for me, and you can read how I had a big change in attitude and perspective after that.

There's a lot more I experienced, but there isn't space to list everything here. For a complete list of topics, take a look at the left menu.


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