For those who are questioning - start here

This blog has grown so big that without this page it can be hard to find what you need.  If you are not sure what you believe, or you're questioning existing beliefs, or simply don't believe that God exists, then this page is for you.

I questioned a lot, and after reading the Bible, these are some of the things I discovered:

1. Many of the common reasons for rejecting Christianity are surprisingly weak: Top 7 BAD reasons for rejecting Christianity in favor of atheism

2. We actually do have Free Will. We can choose to use it for good purposes or not, but we do have Free Will.  The First Thing I Found Out... We have free will.

3. Here was one of the earliest questions I sought to answer. And yes there is an answer to it - read and find out: If God exists and is good, then why do bad things happen? Related to this question was the question (and answer) to Why doesn't God just kill satan to abolish evil and temptation?

4. My personal experiences led me to pose the question: Does reading the Bible and praying have results?

5. I also found that God can be found where you may least expect to find Him. Sometimes we may be staring blindly at the reflection of God.

6. I am a scientist myself, and I was intrigued about discovering whether or not there is any discordance between science and religion. Perhaps surprisingly to some people, I just couldn't find any contradictions. Most Christian scientists these days also see no conflict between science and religion. If this topic resonates in some way with you, see Atoms vs God and Who says the watchmaker has to be blind? - the arguments of Richard Dawkins fall short.

I'm keeping this page short on purpose. After taking a look at some of those, you can find other topics that may be of interest to you. Take a look at the left menu for a complete list of topics.

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